2018.10 - The B Team

May 8, 2018

This week its Damon's turn to have a week off, so Gossy and Bennymacca do their best to hold the fort. 


2018.9 Back From The Woods

May 1, 2018

It’s been a crazy couple of days in injury land and if you’ve managed to dodge it all, from us here at the Shiva Blast, fuck you! We find the lucky and unlucky throughout the comp, Tim Marsh channels Michael Barlow and more on the latest episode of the SHIVA BLAST!


2018.8 The (Missing) Three Amigos

April 25, 2018

Benny's headed for the wilderness with his brother. McGrath and Wingard can't adjust to Wednesdays. So it's redemption time this week on the Shiva Blast! Can Patch and Coach Gossy deliver a semi-factual Shiva Blast? The proof is in the podcast as Crutt goes wild with Lippy Kissys and Damon, via Tim Marsh, talks shit lips. As always, we set a high bar on the SHIVA BLAST!


2018.7 With More Seamen!

April 17, 2018

Bennymacca is back, but he's still outsources the stats so really, what is he actually bringing to the table?! The full roster is here, including what we believe is the best work by Coach Tim yet! 

Looking forward to seeing as many SA Shiva coaches as possible on Thursday night at the Arkaba Hotel for the DT Talk Live in Adelaide 2018 Event! Make sure to book your ticket!


2018.6 Late Changes

April 10, 2018

Final team for #ShivaBlast

James Gatherum-Goss (Gossy) replaces Ben Schwidder (ill) who replaces Ben McDonald (lost at sea)
Nobody replaces Ant Wingard (MIA)

Lineup: Coaches Patch, Gossy, Crutt, Matty McGrath, Tim Marsh, Krunchie, John Black, James Wheeler


2018.5 Switch McDonalds

April 3, 2018

This week's Shiva Blast is like The Parent Trap, with less underage Lindsay Lohan but with all the twin swapping as MattyMacca takes over the co-host chair. We wade through the shit coaches have had to deal with in the first two rounds, welcome back Tim Marsh as Adam 'Warnie' Child (you'll understand later) and listen to drunken Crutt..... again, you'll find out later. It's time for another SHIVA BLAST!


2018.4 Resume Regular Transmission

March 28, 2018

Round 1 has come and gone and it brought with it mixed fortunes. For every Coniglio and Witts there was a Merrett, Burton or shitheads that didn't even show up like Dunstan or Tyson. To deal with the fallout, this year the team has grown. To join Coaches Patch and BennyMacca, Coach Crutt, Coach Matty McGrath, Coach Tim Marsh and Coach Ant Wingard will band together each week to give you a sometimes helpful, sometimes twisted fantasy podcast. This is the somewhat new SHIVA BLAST!


Episode 3.2018 - Round 1 is Here!

March 19, 2018

It’s been a long week (and change) in Shiva land. Broken websites, slow drafts and lippy kissys have brought us down. But Round 1 is nearly here and the Shiva Blast is back to restore your faith!


Episode 2018.2 - Draft Preperation

March 6, 2018

It's nearly here folks, the 2018 Shiva Draft is THIS WEEKEND, Sunday the 11th of March, and we are here to get you in tip top shape for the draft. 

We give you all the rundown on the Order of Merit, a convoluted way of finding out your draft pick, the Draft Party details, and the results of the Mock Draft, on this edition of the SHIVA BLAST!!




Introduction to Shiva (2018 Edition)

February 28, 2018

Did someone mention to you that you should join DT Shiva but gave you no information and zero context?
Bloody useless!
Have you been yearning for a community of fantasy nerds like you?
Do you feel like your high-level banter abilities are going to waste?
Can't find a good blog to read?
Then DT Shiva is for you! Listen to this (always slightly explicity) podcast and then sign up quickly shitshipper!

Welcome to the family.