Episode 2017.18 - Damonless Delight

June 20, 2017

Much to the delight of Tim Cordner, we are Damonless this week, but we have McRath back to help take you through a packed show . We welcome the return of Shiva matches, review the round table discussion, and we have probably the craziest ants fantasy slant of them all. That and much much more, on this edition of the shiva blast!


Episode 2017.17 - The Non Round Table

June 13, 2017

Well what do they say about best laid plans? I’m not really sure but sometimes they don’t work out. The Shiva Roundtable has been remodelled and instead we bring to you tonight just a taste of what you usually get - but really, you don’t pay for this podcast so suck it up and enjoy your dregs! We find time for headlines, Benny’s trip to Vatican City and for my inarticulate call to arms on this somewhat shortened but not really SHIVA BLAST!


Episode 2017.16 - Around The Grounds

June 7, 2017

In this Shiva bye round, we open our doors to the Shiva community. It’s time to yank some new blood into the spotlight and in doing so, discover what’s going on in and around the leagues. The podcast has been hit with absentees, BennyMacca’s out and Ant Wingard took such a large pause between thoughts that we’ll catch up with him next week. To fill in we welcome back a seasoned fill-in co-host as we undertake another episode of the SHIVA BLAST

* Apologies for some audio inconsistencies during the episode. Also didn’t shut off notifications so there’s some message chimes that show up throughout.


Episode 2017.15 - Donk You

May 31, 2017

10 rounds down and it’s time to draw breath, or drown your sorrows. Either way we have the next 3 weeks to actually watch football and not count every single point that your players do or don't score! We have the drunkest tee off yet, plenty of stats to pour through, Ant’s dark horse targets for trade targetting and a reminder of Mark Santillo’s symphony all on this week’s SHIVA BLAST


Episode 2017.14 - Bailey Rice

May 23, 2017

Shiva is a fickle bitch and after the many hits taken this year, a one point loss might have just tipped one of us over the edge. There’s plenty of headlines to cover, Ant steps up his game yet again and Bailey Rice - there’s some context coming for that later. Finally, a community service announcement, remember that if you want to Tee Off, we want to hear your verbal rage, or else you have to put up with our interpretation of your words. The ball is in your court. All that before the last pre-bye round on the Shiva Blast!


Episode 2017.13 - Fight Fight Fight

May 16, 2017

Patch had one out of the box, BennyMacca swindled Coach Chirpa, Ant Wingard has had enough of the NEAFL knockers and Tim Marsh obviously thinks Ben should be in Star Wars. It’s a bumper edition of the Blast as we prepare to take a few hits to our teams with a mini-bye and with only 2 rounds to go until the mid-season break, snagging an extra win is now even more important. We cover it all as we serve up another helping of the SHIVA BLAST!


Episode 2017.12 - Struggletown

May 9, 2017

When you decide to do a fantasy podcast you hope that you’ll bring some positive energy into it with some wisdom to share - unfortunately we are fucking light years away from that this year. So bring on the pained voices and the unnecessary slights on competitors. To bring some more class to proceedings Ant Wingard shares the player he thinks might take people to Shiva glory, Tim Marsh hosts another edition of The Blog Place and much much more on the latest SHIVA BLAST


Episode 2017.11 - Don’t Call Me Benjamin

May 2, 2017

It may come as no surprise that Patch's team lost again and now sits at the bottom of Div 1. But he has turned up again with an equally unsuccessful BennyMacca. In a round of monster scores, the boys identify the high flyers, the brilliant late picks, the possible dual position gainers and the wonder of the human body. All in this weeks SHIVA BLAST!


Episode 2017.10 - How Low Can He Go?

April 26, 2017

One of us is getting hit with the shit stick while the other one basks in Shiva’s light. Guess which one is which fuckers! Ant Wingard returns to his segment, we delve once again into BennyMacca.Com, Ben warms up his vocal pipes again and there’s some elaborate Tee Offs in this fresh SHIVA BLAST!


Special Edition - Coach Chirpa Presser

April 19, 2017

The video is on the way, but for now, some rough audio of a specially called presser is here to tide you over! The great muun is undefeated. Hear the secrets to his success and learn a thing or two more about him on a special SHIVA BLAST!