Merry Shiva! - 2017 Christmas Shiva Blast

December 23, 2017

We've awoken from our off-season slumber to deliver you an early Christmas gift - or a punishment depending on how you see it. Tim Marsh and Ant join in the festive fun as we take an early look at DPPs, the newly drafted kids and get a couple of revelations from Benny. Merry Christmas Shitsippers!


The Best of The Shiva Blast 2017

August 29, 2017

Curated by Shiva favourite Tim Marsh!


Episode 2017.28 - Grand Final

August 27, 2017

And that is a wrap. The Shiva Champions have been decided and not without a little bit of drama. We dissect the fallout in the final episode of the year of the SHIVA BLAST


Episode 2017.27 - Grand Final Week! (STFU Bennymacca)

August 22, 2017

It’s not often that a piece of media will give you the moral of the story at the start, but let’s be clear - if there’s one lesson to take from the penultimate episode of the Blast this year it’s Shut The F*ck Up BennyMacca. As such we have brought some balance to the force by bring on the much loved champion of Shiva himself, CoachChirpa. We celebrate Tim Marsh’s contribution to the year as we enjoy the final episode of The Blog Place and preview all the Grand Finals in this week’s edition of the SHIVA BLAST


Episode 2017.26 - Prelim Finals

August 16, 2017

Time for a tale, under the shade

Of Almighty Shiva

Yes yes yes there’ll be time for that but we’ve got a range of business to attend to. Week 1 of finals is done which means plenty have fallen on their sword and are now coping with the foul stench of relegation. We’ll look at the heartstopping finals this week, Benny’s surprisingly got plenty of stats to share and once again Ant’s missing

It’s time for the SHIVA BLAST


Episode 2017.25 - Finals Time!

August 9, 2017

Seventeen rounds of Shiva have passed us by and now we find ourselves on the doorstep of finals! All that and much more, on this week's Shiva Blast!


Episode 2017.24 - Flatter than a Shit Carter’s Hat

August 2, 2017

Damon is back with the second best McDonald, we cover the late season carnage, run through finals scenarios for each league, and even get a cross from Cambodia. All that and much more on this week's Shiva Blast!


Episode 2017.23 - My, Myself and Matt?

July 25, 2017

This week I attempt to play every character on the podcast, we learn about Damon’s second life as a real radio presenter, Ant scares us with his Tom Rockliff prediction, and we check in with the Shiva finals race.


All that and much more, on this week’s Shiva Blast!


Episode 2017.22 - Raising The Bat… Together

July 18, 2017

Tonight, we celebrate the first half century in style with a relationship milestone, sitting face to face, or side to side, or beard to pre-pubescent face. On our first pod in close vicinity to each other, we establish who is still in the finals race, look at the key matchups that will shape the Top 6 around the league, and listen to Ant Wingard embrace his Bachelor loving self. As we raise the bat for the first time, enjoy the next installment of the SHIVA BLAST


Episode 2017.21 - Fashion Mogul

July 11, 2017

Thank god it’s the time of the week for the podcast because we need something to distract from meaningless Messenger games. There’s plenty going on this week, the commissioner drops by with a huge announcement, Ant Wingard puts his pop culture nous on display, unbeaten streaks are broken and Koby Stevens has more hate mail posted on the newest edition of the SHIVA BLAST!